1) We got the track record! The Money Ballerz algorithm is a proven winner!

2) Our picks aren’t designed to just win games but to win money. We’re pretty sure you’re going to like that as much as we do.

3) We make it easy. Whether you are in Vegas or choose to wager online, we link you to the top sportsbooks with best possible betting lines making it easier than ever to get your picks and make your bets.

The Money Ballerz algorithm scans and scores thousand points of data before they show up as a top pick. The data we analyze includes historical data, consensus data and line inefficiencies among others. We also seek out the best prices for those lines giving you an additional money making edge.

Almost all sports! Some of our competitors only specialize in a few or even a single sport. There are good picks year round and we want as many as we can find. We have great data on major sports like Basketball, NHL Hockey, and American Football (currently working on Soccer). However less followed sports such as Snooker, Darts, Tennis, or even Volleyball have provided some of the highest performing picks!

That is up to you. MoneyBallerz does our best to find the best price for any particular pick and provides a link to take you right there. Most professionals like to use multiple accounts to take advantage of every edge possible. Remember it is your responsibility to comply with local and state laws when choosing where to place your bet.

No. We are not a sports book and do not process bets. We provide analytics and data to our users who then place their bets at a sports book of choice.

Our strategy sticks to a consistent 1-3% max bet. Many pros believe if you have $5,000 you only bet $50-150 per bet so you don’t risk going broke during many normal downturns. At MoneyBallerz we are playing the long game and recommend employing a strategy that works for you in the long run.

One of the advantages to covering more sports is that you get more picks! Typically at least 1-3 picks per day sometimes more especially on weekends or busier sports seasons. Compare that to some of our competitors that only put out a few picks a week.

Typically we are able to start posting picks late the night before after the sportsbooks start posting their betting lines and the algorithm can get a large enough sample size of consensus.

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